Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This is how Thyroid disease feels like..

Thyroid disease feels like…After you get up, take a shower, get dressed, do your hair, fix breakfast…you would then give all the money you have in the world for the chance to go back to bed, because those five tasks took every bit of energy you had.

Others will say – That’s how I feel too…the difference is, we feel this way most, if not all of the time AND chances are, if we did go back to bed we would be back to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Thyroid disease feels like … You walk into the grocery store and can’t remember why you came. 

Others will say – That is how I feel too…the difference is, we may not remember the events leading up to how we even made it to the grocery store.

Thyroid disease feels like …You can sit through a company meeting and not comprehend one thing that is going on.

Others will say – That’s how I feel too…the difference is…We tried to pay attention.

Thyroid disease feels like …You drop something on the ground in public and would rather leave it because your body has been aching all day and you REALLY don’t want to bend down and pick it up. 

Others will say – That’s how I feel too…the difference is…You are moving too slow to get down and pick up the item off the floor so an 80-year-lady runs over to get it for you instead.

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Janggalnya untuk sekadar melihat tanpa mampu berkata apa
Janggalnya utk pura pura tidak perasan sedang nyata depan mata..

Susahnya untuk mengelak senyum dan sapa pada yg sudah biasa..
susahnya untuk berpura tidak suka..

Kalau la boleh aku mengasak
dengan setiap pertanyaan.. mengapa dan kenapa

Kalau la bole aku luahkan apa yg mendera jiwa.. 

kalau lah....